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Boat Handling - Our Boat

Saturday March 4

9.30am - 12.30pm

Five people maximum with 3 hours on the water in a 5300 Bow Rider powered by a 100hp outboard. You will get plenty of hands-on personal instruction.

  • Manoeuvres. Figure eights, tight turns.
  • Docking. Approach, lines ready, windage effect.
  • Rope handling. Knots, throwing a line, making fast.
  • Give way rules. Terminology, Collision avoidance, demonstrating clear change of course.
  • Navigation marks. Which side, what colours, where are the rocks?

You will see basic principles including natural forces on the boat (wind and tide), hull pivot point, rudder and propeller forces. You will have the opportunity to practice standard manoevres including tight turns and reversing and then go on to deal with all standard berthing configurations. You will have plenty of time on the helm but will also learn from watching your fellow students deal with similar situations. You will feel your understanding and confidence grow.

We have a lot of fun and learn to be safe!
Fee - $149.00 in our boat.

Email "john@boatschool.com.au to book your morning or afternoon session.