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Docking Skills

BoatSchool offers a special 3-hour “Docking Course” on your boat You and up to 3 others will be shown and given practice in: - “Aiming” your boat into the dock. Fender and line placement. Knots – Figure eight, Bowline, Round Turn and two half hitches. Managing and throwing lines. How to best secure your boat either as a visitor or in your permanent berth.

You will see basic principles including natural forces on the boat (wind and tide), hull pivot point, rudder and propeller forces. You will have the opportunity to practice standard manoevres including tight turns and reversing and then go on to deal with all standard berthing configurations. You will have plenty of time on the helm but will also learn from watching your fellow students deal with similar situations. You will feel your understanding and confidence grow.

A few hours might give you a short cut to skills that often take years to learn.

Anytime that suits you.

Fee - $240.00 for 3 hours personal training.

Email "john@boatschool.com.au or call 0422 002 872 to book your personal session.