About Boatschool

John’s first boating experience was as a two year old when he was a passenger on a cruise ship to England and duly awarded a Certificate from “King Neptune” for crossing the Equator. During WWII John’s father was a Merchant Marine in the North Atlantic and his mother a WREN working on torpedo boats out of Portsmouth, so it would seem that John’s destiny was ingrained in his heritage.

John is passionate about boating and believes that we all have an affinity with the sea and doesn’t care if the boat is a flybridge cruiser or a tinnie, as long as it floats! John made boating his professional life by gaining commercial certificates and does a lot of boating throughout Australia. John also believes he has the best job in the world and loves being on the water.

John founded ‘BoatSchool’ to share his knowledge and teach all those interested how to get their Victorian Marine Licence. The company objective is “to assist in the development of skills for fun and safe boating”.

Why Us?