Boat Licence

Marine Licence & PWC Training /Assessment

A relaxed and enjoyable 3.5 hours learning the rules and regulations.

No prior knowledge or experience necessary to complete the course, 98% pass rate! The test is multiple choice and easy.

Certificate given on the night after successful completion of the course and the Victorian Marine Licence is valid Australia wide.

Marine Training Services are Transport Safety Victoria approved (RTO4653) to provide the training & assessment for the compulsory Victorian Marine Licence & PWC (Jet Ski) endorsement.

Geelong - Royal Geelong Yacht Club

Docklands - Melb City Marina

Let’s buy a Boat

Two best days of your life… the day you buy a boat and they day you sell it! Boating is fun, relaxing and a satisfying experience if you are prepared. Understand the weather and the power of the wind. Make sure your boat is seaworthy and “Fit for Purpose”, Get to know your boat in gentle conditions or in sheltered locations before tackling more challenging weather. Work your way up and never think you have stopped learning, Moral of the story is to be careful, research and know exactly what you are getting. If the boat seems cheap there is usually a reason.

Before you commit

Find your nearest boat ramp, take a sandwich and drink then park close by and watch the action. Observe how smoothly launching and retrieving a boat/pwc can be (or not). Notice what type of boats are going out for that particular location and how there are set up.

Boat owners love to talk about their vessel so strike up a conversation and you will learn from their experiences. This may save you a lot of time and money and costs nothing.

Being over confident and not having total respect for nature can be dangerous. Every time I have done that, something has gone wrong.