$240 for 3 hours personal training

On your boat, learning skills such as: Berthing, Launching, Making Fast, Anchoring, Manoeuvres and/or anything you want to practice. You will see basic principles including natural forces on the boat (wind and tide), hull pivot point, rudder and propeller forces. You will have the opportunity to practice standard manoeuvres including tight turns and reversing and then go on to deal with all standard berthing configurations.

You will be on the helm and will feel your confidence grow. A few hours might give you a short cut to skills that often take years to learn.

Anytime that suits you. No travel charge at Newport or Altona boat ramps.


$240 for 3 hours personal training

You can hire a 5.3 metre bow rider direct from Boat4Hire Docklands at around $420 for a full day, include some family/friends and in the morning have a professional skipper show you the ropes.

This gives you the rest of the day to practice your training and have a day out for a picnic or fishing.

Boat licence required and highly recommended!
Dates - Anytime that suits you.


$145 per person
Groups of 8 can have the boat to themselves!

This 3-hour experience is about managing a cruising boat in smooth waters. See the collision regulations and the navigation marks in real time.

The training boat is a Seawind 1000 that is a very responsive, stable boat and will give you confidence. This course is recommended to anyone wanting to handle a larger boat and turns theory into reality.

Depart and return from Melbourne City Marina


$295 per person

Get some practical onboard training and experience before you go.

Includes picnic lunch & refreshments. It's a great day out!

You'll enjoy 7 hours training on the water. This
experience is about managing a cruising boat in
sheltered waters and gives personal instruction.

John has considerable experience cruising extensively around Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Also in international waters off Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Mainland Italy, Sardinia, Tunisia, French coastline,
Corsica, Coastal Spain and Islands, Greek Ionian/Aegean seas and Turkey.

The training yacht is a Seawind 1000 sailing catamaran, which is a very responsive, stable boat and will give you confidence. This course is recommended to anyone
considering spending time aboard.

Depart and return from Melbourne City Marina.

  • Mick Hughes
    We just got back from 3 days down on the Gippsland Lakes sailing. Having done your bareboat charter course meant that we knew what to do and where everything was! Thanks again for the training – being able to hop onboard and get sailing straight away meant we had more time for the fun stuff rather than hours of briefing. Very addictive this sailing lark!
    Mick Hughes
  • Nicholas Hough, General Manager: Kline Fire
    Wow, what can I say about Boat School. The experience that was given to me through an excellent practical session provided by John Sanders was outstanding. The lessons learnt during this course will ensure that my family through me is well aware of the dangers involved when boating throughout the waters in Victoria and other regions. From planning a trip, to the fundamentals of launching the boat, followed by a thorough lesson in the understanding of markers and speed limits; this course is suitable for first timers to the most experienced person who needs to operate a boat or jet ski. Thank you John for empowering me with your wonderful knowledge in boating. Your experience is invaluable.
    Nicholas Hough, General Manager: Kline Fire
  • Darren Nelson
    I've had 4 boats in the last 20 years and I learnt more in 4 hours at your course, many thanks.
    Darren Nelson
  • Adrian Forsyth.
    Congratulations on a very well run course by Boatschool. The communication and arrangement leading up to the course were clear and concise. The enrolment process simple and efficient. The course itself was easy to understand and was a pleasant evening of learning rather than like a droll school classroom. What particularly impressed me was the simple teaching aids you had set up, the boat, the equipment, the signals and signs. All of these together with your explanations made it very easy to understand, to learn and most importantly, to remember. I presented the Boatschool certificate to Vicroads and my marine license is already on the way. Thanks for the tuition, the information and making it so easy and enjoyable to get a boat license.
    Adrian Forsyth.
  • Chris Armstrong
    I learnt an exceptional amount of information and most importantly, enjoyed a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Not only did John teach us the Rules of boating but everyone understood exactly why the rule is in place. I definitely recommend it to any one looking to obtain their boat and or PWC license
    Chris Armstrong