Onboard Practical Training

Training on Your Boat

Learn and reinforce skills such as: Berthing, Launching, Making Fast, Anchoring, Manoeuvres and/or anything you want to practice. You will see basic principles including natural forces on the boat (wind and tide), hull pivot point, rudder and propeller forces. You will have the opportunity to practice standard manoeuvres including tight turns, reversing and to deal with berthing.

You will be on the helm and will feel your confidence grow. A few hours might give you a short cut to skills that often take years to learn.

3 hours personal training 

$270.00, 4.9-8.6 m (16-28 feet)

$360.00, 8.7 – 12.0 m (29 – 40 feet)

$450.00, 12.1 – 20.0 m (41 – 65 feet

Anytime that suits you. $40ph travel charge to your location when not on Corio Bay Geelong.

Want Training but Don’t Have a Boat?

From beautiful Portarlington (Point Richards) which is a great training area, you can hire a 5.8 metre Formosa direct from Corio Bay Boat Hire http://coriobayboathire.com.au Boat licence is required and it is essential you do this beforehand. John is a professionally qualified Master and will accompany and train you during a 3 hour session for $295.

John can also arrange the above hire as a total package.  On arrival John will show you the way from launch, safety checks, manouvres, docking, rope handling through to retrieval during a exclusive 4 hour session. $795 includes the boat and you are encouraged to bring a partner to learn the ropes. Bring a picnic for a fun day if you like.

Call John for a date that suits you 04 2200 2872