Recreational boat licensing was introduced into Victoria on December 8, 2001 following the Marine Amendment Act November 2000. This Act followed on from a fatal incident in Werribee South in February 1995 involving a Jet Ski. There had been several accidents involving serious injury and there was clearly a need for education and more skilled operators of power driven vessels including Jet Skis or PWC’s.

The Victorian State Government considered the regulations in other States and there where some differences. Irregularities included not requiring a license if the vessel was under a power size or capable of a maximum speed. Victoria decided to include all power driven vessels regardless. Licensed Victorian boat operators can drive a boat in any State or Territory of Australia and it is important to remember that there are different rules in different States and it is the boat operator’s responsibility to know them. Just like driving a car interstate, you must follow the rules of that state you are operating in.


Accident Statistics
Key facts on hospitalisations due to recreational boating related injuries
• From July 2008 to June 2013, there were 1347 hospital admissions in Victoria due to serious injuries related to recreational boating
• The most common activities at the time of injury were water-skiing/wakeboarding (35.6%) and jet skiing (19.2%).
• About a third of those admitted to hospital were aged between 15 and 29 years
• Men made up three quarters (75.7%) of the Victorian hospital admissions
• Injuries were most commonly to the legs, arms, and the head/face/neck
• Most common injuries were fractures, followed by dislocations, sprains and strains
• At least one on five (22%) of injuries were caused by falls and one in 10 by hitting, striking or collision
Source Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

How to get a Marine Licence
To drive any powered driven boat in Victoria requires a Marine License and a Victorian License is accepted anywhere in Australia.
There are two ways to get a Marine License;
1. Study the rules thoroughly to make sure you know the book and regulations backwards. Call Vicroads to make an appointment to sit the test. Go to Vicroads for your appointment to sit the test. If you don’t pass you need to rebook for another time and pay another test fee.
2. Learn something by coming to BoatSchool and have the rules explained simply, sit the test and get your certificate on the night. Go to any Vicroads office to pick up your license when it suits you as no appointment is necessary with our certificate.
BoatSchool runs classes every week at Docklands and John has been teaching these classes since 2003. We show you models of navigation marks and lights, safety equipment, how a boat turns, videos and much more. It will be easy to understand, you will learn to be safer, enjoy your boating and have a fun night.
Save your time and money, learn the easy way and do it with other boat users.

Why BoatSchool?
• You will learn valuable skills to become a safe skipper.
• Small class means your questions get answered.
• Jet Ski endorsement included.
• John has 40 years experience and has been training this course since 2003.
• Easy to learn with a model boat, navigation marks and safety equipment.
• Entertaining videos and presentation, we have fun learning.
• 98 percent pass the test first go and there is no charge to try again.
• Every Tuesday night, we don’t cancel classes.
• At Melbourne City Marina in the heart of Docklands.
• Parking is free on street or $7.00 undercover.
• Modern air-conditioned venue with tea/coffee/drinks/biscuits included.
• On the water training available, in your boat or ours.
• Close to Footscray Rd and Citylink access ramps.
• Public transport by City Circle Tram or from Southern Cross Station.

How to get your licence video