I’m very fortunate to do what I love. My job for the next two months is to get a boat ready for launching after it’s been in winter storage and then deliver it to the owner’s some 800 nautical miles away. After arriving in Montenegro we will be cruising the Adriatic through the islands of Croatia. This journey starts in the port of Olbia which is situated on the island of Sardinia. Olbia is part of the Costa Smeralda which is one of THE sailing destinations in the world.

Preparing the boat is a challenge especially when you live in Melbourne and the boat is 16,200 kms away on the hard in Italy. Making reliable contacts and leaving the boat in a reputable boat yard helps. It’s also about planning and arriving early enough to get parts delivered and fitted prior to your scheduled departure date. Leaving a boat idle for 10 months can result in corroded water tanks, perished hoses and generally equipment that doesn’t want to work. As with any job there are less glamorous aspects like fixing toilets etc. and communicating in Italian.

I will be posting more blogs about this trip including photos of places we anchor or berth at between Olbia and our destination in Montenegro . I look forward to any questions and comments along the way.

Regards John