Melbourne days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder so maybe you’re not using the boat as much as you could? Before you put your boat away for the Melbourne winter, consider some tips to get a longer season and a better return on your investment.

1. Read the weather to your advantage. In stronger conditions, launch or go boating where the land gives shelter. A Lee shore is when the wind is from the land and means calmer water. For example the Mornington Peninsula is perfect when the wind is from the South. Get a forecast for the next few days so there are no surprises. If it’s going to be Westerly then you need to be on the other side of the Bay.
2. Wear more clothing! A hat and gloves really helps and make sure you have waterproof jackets to keep dry. Wind chill and being on the water can make a pleasant day very cold so take extra clothing.
3. When you have a trailerable boat, why not tow it somewhere warmer? Inland waterways like Lake Eildon or the Murray might give you a fantastic family occasion to remember. Make sure the trailer wheel bearings have been serviced before you go.

Ten Suggested Winter Preparation Tips
1. Wash down boat and flush cooling system
2. Remove battery and charge as necessary
3. Spray engine and electrical connections with water repellent
4. Add fuel stabilizer or drain tank. Petrol goes “off”
5. Check/replace sacrificial anodes
6. Check throttle, steering and power trim cables
7. Check trailer bearings
Engine Servicing
8. Check hoses, belts, replace fuel filter
9. Change oil including gearbox and oil filter
10. Replace water pump impeller

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